The Ambulance Service in Torrington initially started with the Fire Department using a station wagon to transport patients. At that time, no Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) were utilized. Later on, Colyer Funeral Home and Sutley Funeral home each operated an Ambulance. On November 1, 1980, it was agreed that the Ambulance Service would become a separate organization from the funeral homes. It then became known as Goshen County Ambulance Service (GCAS). GCAS was administered by a Joint Powers Board consisting of members from the Town of Torrington, County of Goshen, one community member, and a Physician Advisor.

The original Joint Powers Board consisted of Henry Korell, Mike Varney, Frank Johnson, Neil Willhite and Dr. Richard Campbell. Several years later, the County advised the Town of Torrington that they could no longer afford to subsidize the Ambulance Service so the Town of Torrington agreed to take over the administration and ownership of the ambulance service. Following this event, the ambulance service became known as the Torrington Emergency Medical Services (TEMS). To this date, the City of Torrington continues to own and operate TEMS.

Torrington Emergency Medical Service's full-time staff consists of Director Darin Yates and shift-supervisors Albert Lira, Sid Castellaw and Josh Odermann. Multiple part-time EMT-Bs and EMT-Is also assists in the daily operation of TEMS. Bonnie Randolph, MD serves as the TEMS physician medical director.

Torrington EMS Directors Past & Present

Dennis VeeserDecember 1981 through October 1983
Bryan ClevelandMarch 1984 through April 1984
Barb RippleOctober 1983 through May 1987
Rick TeetersJune 1987 through June 1988
Butch DeverauxJuly 1988 through July 1989
Joy GrapesAugust 1989 through August 2002
Darin YatesAugust 2002 through Present Day