Homesteaders Museum

Winter hours

Admission is always free!

The Goshen County Homesteaders Museum is the home to historical artifacts, historical information, and genealogical resources related to Goshen County from the first settlement in 1834 until Homesteading ended; we strive to collect, present, and interpret the history of Goshen County and its people. 

Our staff is constantly working to improve the museum and all of its roles in our community through board, foundation, and city support while safekeeping our history through honest, interesting, and educational displays that are widely accessible to the public. 

Housed in an historic Union Pacific Depot, we boast Goshen County's first automobile, an original homestead shack and a one room schoolhouse--along with many other treasures. 

We host a variety of programming for all ages and welcome everyone to step back in time and explore our rich and unique homesteaded heritage!

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