Museum Advisory Board

Homesteaders Museum Advisory Board Bylaws

The term of office is to be staggered with FIVE members serving four years and FOUR members serving two years of the four year term initially. The first nine (9) members shall cast lots to determine the expiration date of their terms. Future appointments shall be for four (4) years or to fulfill an unexpired term. Members may be reappointed following expiration of their term.

Purpose and Objective

The Homesteaders Museum Advisory Committee is created for the purpose of identifying the needs of the Homesteaders Museum, and to act in advisory capacity to the Museum Director, the Torrington Mayor and the City Council.

The Homesteaders Museum Advisory Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

  • Advise in the planning of programs, and stimulate public interest in the programs of the museum.
  • Communicate with the Homesteaders Museum Director on the volunteer staffing needs of the museum as agreed to by the Advisory Committee.
  • Communicate with the Homesteaders Museum Director on the preservation, archival storage, and care of the collection as deemed by the Homesteaders Museum bylaws.
  • Develop and continually update a permanent policy on the loan or accession of museum artifacts or documents in keeping with the guidelines developed by the committee and Museum Director.


The Committee shall consist of no more than nine (9) member and no less than five (5) members. All members shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the City Council. There shall be one non-voting member from the City Council selected by the Mayor.


  • Ellen Creager
  • Tom John McCreery
  • John Kessler
  • Councilman Ted Kinney
  • Deidre Newman
  • Janet Bass
  • Janelle Werner
  • Mayor Randy Adams
  • Museum Director Sarah Chaires