Dennis Kelly

City Council
Title: Council Member
Dennis Kelly photo

I am Dennis Kelly. My wife Diane and I moved to Torrington in 1976 so I could teach auto mechanics at the high school. Together we raised our five boys. I opened my own auto repair shop in 1992 and ran it up to 2020 when I retired. I  was elected to the Torrington city council for the first time in 2010, served four years and was reelected in 2014 served four more years until 2018 when I ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2018. I waited until 2020 to run for city council and was reelected to another four year term. I have enjoyed my days in Torrington meeting a vastly diverse clientele through my business and serving on the council. I enjoy the shooting sports with the Goshen County Action Shooters and old cars. My door is always open to anyone to come in and discuss a problem they may be having with the city, or an idea they may have to improve city government or if you just want to chat for awhile. 


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